Monday, October 31, 2011

She's a Hoot...Happy Owl-O-Ween!

In case you don't get the family theme, I'll spell it out for you...

Our little owl sitting in her perch with a life size Tootsie Pop..."How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop? 1...2...crunch"

 We enjoyed our church Trunk or Treat carnival

 On Halloween night, we spent our time in downtown Wylie in front of Bryan's office for "Boo on Ballard" festival, handing out candy. Bryan & his store front neighbor were Texas Rangers.
 My co-workers and I were chocolate treat that melts in your mouth & not in your hand...any guesses!
Hope you enjoyed your Halloween as much as we did!

Playoff Journey heartbreak!

It has been a sad weekend in our household. Needless to say, the Texas Rangers did not add a World Series Championship title to their list of accomplishments this weekend, but we had fun cheering them on the entire way.
 Bryan and his good friend, Wade, bought a set of tickets to every home game of the baseball playoffs.  Which meant, for the last 4 weeks or so we have had baseball fever.  Bryan and Wade were at every game, and his wife, Wendi, and I, were at about half of the games.  It was so good to enjoy these playoffs with some very best friends!
 Wade's parents live in Arlington and are also avid Ranger fans.  We enjoyed tailgating with the Holmes before many of the playoff games.

 These are those good friends, Wendi & Wade.  Their son, Jake, just like Brylee, enjoyed the games from home with a babysitter or in their bed!

 Bryan got to take his dad to one of the World Series games, which was special for the two of them.  Bryan and his dad have been watching Ranger baseball for 28 years!

 Bryan and I enjoying some pre-game fan-fair

 Such good memories with best friends!
 Even though the final result was not how we would have wanted it, there were definitely some high moments along the way! Wade & Bryan were at the game when the Ranger's won the ALCS. 

 And for old time sake, I found some pictures of last years playoff games.  I was 8 1/2 months pregnant, dilated to 4 cm, and walking up to the third deck in very hot October weather.  What was I thinking?!
 We spent most of our time with the same crazy Ranger friends, Wendi & Wade!
 So even though we chose NOT to take our squirmy 11 month old to any of these playoff games, technically, she can say she has been to the Ranger's World Series!

Until next year...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

24 Hour Visit

So my parents came to visit for just a little over 24 hours this past weekend.  They had to make a trip from Atlanta to Houston with my grandmother & uncle, and decided Southwest was too good of a deal to pass up to not come see their only grandchild (not to mention, they did say it was nice to see me & Bryan as well!)
We spent a lot of time hanging out with this sweet girl, who is standing independently now!
 We went out to eat a lot...
 and took a bunch of pictures of this sweet face!

 It was nice to not have an agenda for the weekend, where we just got to hang out together.
 Saturday night, Bryan was at the World Series, so my parents and I took Brylee birthday shopping and out to dinner.
 A few months ago we went to the beach and Brylee was not the biggest fan.
 Now, she seemed to love the sand!
 There are some outdoor shops near our house that have a sand playground.  We stopped by after shopping and before dinner, and let Brylee get a little dirty.

 Everything was going great until I told her she couldn't eat the sand!

 Bath time seems to always make this girl happy.

 Here is a sneak peak of an entirely separate post I will share about our trip to the Arboretum while they were here.
 It was beautiful, with thousands of pumpkins everywhere!
We'll see my parents again next month for Brylee's birthday.  Although it was a quick trip, we sure had fun!

Dallas Arboretum

So this past weekend when my parents were in town we decided to go the the Dallas Arboretum.  I had never been, but I had heard how wonderful it is and have seen many pictures that had been taken there. We wanted to get some cute pictures of Brylee at a pumpkin patch. Boy, we weren't disappointed!  There were thousands of pumpkins! Brylee really seemed to love crawling around all the hay, dirt, pumpkins, and flowers. I'll let the pictures do the talking of our wonderful morning.

Brylee Oliva Brokaw - November 23, 2011