Thursday, May 27, 2010

And Then There Were Three....

Yes, Bryan and I have a fairly big (well, still very little at this point) SUPRISE for you. Meet him (or her!)

Due to arrive on November 21, 2010!

Some of you may be wondering how long we have been keeping this are a few of our recent pregnant acitivites:

March 15 - positive home pregnancy test on Bryan's Birthday

I suprised him by letting him open his birthday present, which was a Texas Rangers baseball jersey, and underneath it was a child's size baseball glove. He got the picture pretty quickly!

March 21 - I walked a 1/2 Marathon with my mom in Atlanta (5 weeks pregnant)

March 27 - We went to Abilene for Brad Benham's engagement party with The Holmes (6 weeks pregnant)

April 4 - Easter (7 weeks pregnant)

April 10 - Rotary Bowling Tourniment with several friends from church (8 weeks pregnant)

April 23 - Wylie Relay for Life "walk-a-thon" (10 weeks pregnant)

April 24 - Rangers game with The Holmes (10 weeks pregnant)
Wendi GRILLED me about being pregnant, and I'm 99% sure I was able to keep her in the dark!

May 21 - My brother and his girlfriend, David & Emily, visited us from Atlanta (14 weeks pregnant)

May 28 - We leave for our Alaskan cruise vacation, in which we are going to FINALLY suprise our parents with this big news (yes, we have kept this a secret from even them!) I will be 15 weeks pregnant to the date when we suprise them with this news, and I feel like we've waited just a week or two too late. I do not have a single pair of pants that fit anymore, and have a small protruding belly when I wear a fitted shirt. Hopefully we can keep the big reveal special, and will post some more pictures and special moments of our trip when we get back!