Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Smuggler

Every year in downtown Wylie, the city does a Halloween expo called Boo on Ballard. We put a booth out in front of Bryan's office & hand out candy to about 3000 kids! It is fun, but tiring this year to say the least. We had a pirate theme this year, and a couple of Bryan's business neighbors downtown came up with the idea to make me a shirt that said "Pumpkin Smuggler" instead of having to dress up as a pregnant pirate. I loved it! (and we got a lot of funny comments about the shirt...the funniest of which were little kids who couldn't figure out if I really had a pumpkin under my shirt!) Bryan's office assistant, Judy, is the best in the world!
Now hopefully Halloween night will be full of Texas Ranger's baseball winnings!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

26 Days?

So I normally don't look at the baby tracker on the top of this blog, but today it definitely caught my eye when it said "26 days left"! How can that be. It seems like just yesterday we were telling our family & friends about being pregnant. This pregnancy has flown by, to say the least. Which, keeping our baby a secret for about 4 months probably helped!

Bryan and I are getting really excited, and are still having a hard time imagining how this growing belly is actually going to turn into our own baby girl. This weekend we started getting ready for Brylee's big debut, semi-packing our bags, putting the car seat in the car, and of course, getting ready for the World Series!

Bryan is the biggest Texas Rangers baseball fan I know, and he is more than excited that they are playing in the world series. We both have tickets for Saturday night's game, and then Bryan has a ticket for Sunday night & Monday night. There is a slight bet whether Bryan will cry more if the Rangers win the World Series or at the birth of his daughter. And he has had many friends guarantee him I will go in to labor during one of the World Series games and he will have to make a choice whether to go to the game or take me to the hospital! For all of our sake, I'm praying Brylee waits until at least next Tuesday to make her debut.

I went to the doctor today, and got some good news, which included being dilated to 3-4 cm & 80-90% effaced already! Not that that necessarily means labor is imminent this week, but it does encourage me that hopefully I wont have a terribly long labor once this whole thing starts! The doctor gave me the ok to keep working & go to the Rangers game Saturday night, as long as I have an "escape" plan in case I get a little too excited Saturday. My mom delivered me and both of my two brothers at 37 weeks, which is this Sunday, so I am on a bit more "high alert" than normal. Bryan has been out of town this week from Sunday through Wednesday, and our biggest prayer was that Brylee wouldn't chose to come while he was gone. So far, she has listened to our request.

Brylee, we can't wait to meet you soon!

First Family Photo's....of Three!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Let's Go RANGERS!!

If you know my husband well, or even just a little, you know what a Rangers Fanatic he is! Some days it gets a bit crazy (and intense to say the least), but I love him for it and am so happy for him right now. The Texas Rangers have made it into their farthest playoff run in franchise history...and lucky Bryan, he has tickets to EVERY home playoff game all the way until the World Series (that is, if we make it that far)

On Saturday afternoon, we left Abilene at noon from ACU homecoming weekend to make it back to the first Rangers home playoff game. We met our friends the Holmes there, and were very excited to see a Rangers Win!

The pre-game fan fair was wonderful!

The sold-out crowd was their highest attending game in history!

Unfortunately, we didn't see a win on Saturday, but the Rangers pulled through last night and beat the Rays to move on the the next round of playoffs...New York Yankees, you're history!

Bryan is going to the first Ranger-Yankee home game in Arlington this Friday with Wade, and then Wendi and I are going to join them for Saturday's game! Go RANGERS!

ACU & ACHS Homecoming

Last weekend Bryan and I made a quick trip to Abilene for our 5 year ACU homecoming and Bryan's 10 year ACHS homecoming (the number's don't quite add up in my head either, but since ACHS is so small, they always have their homecoming the same weekend as ACU, and they don't go by graduation year, they go by 10 years from their senior year Homecoming...I don't know...)

Anyways, we had a great time catching up with some good friends and seeing Bryan's family. We got there Thursday night, and spent most of Friday participating with Bryan's high school graduating class. He graduated with about 20 other students, and about 10 were at the Homecoming football game Friday night. We had a good time.

Saturday morning, Bryan went to his Galaxy club breakfast while I met up with Ashley to have coffee and visit (6:30 am was just a little too early for me!) Then we headed to watch the Homecoming parade, which is my favorite time of Homecoming weekend because we see the most people and get to catch up.

My pregnant self (who happened to borrow a purple shirt just in time for homecoming... thanks Shara) and Ashley with her sweet girl Emma (who is soon to be Brylee's best bud!)

Happened to run into Kim & Jamie T at the parade... I get to see them weekly at church, but there is something so fun about seeing ACU grads back at Homecoming!

We had to leave early on Saturday, but before we did, we made sure we ate lunch at Harold's Barbecue! God Bless Harold for sticking in there for so many years!

We left before the ACU football game, which was heartbreaking for Bryan (he is a HUGE ACU football fan!)....but the heartbreak was made up by the fact that we had Texas Rangers Baseball playoff tickets. That post to follow!

We love you, ACU!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Brylee Is One Lucky Girl

We have some of the best friends in the world. I have posted about previous baby showers, and we had yet another last weekend. My rehab team at work threw us a couples baby shower for Brylee. It was a good excuse for all of us to get together for dinner outside of work. And it was quite fun because it was the first shower Bryan has actually been invited to! (Although I always subject him to going through all the goodies after we've had our other showers & I've gotten home).

Brylee is going to be such a well dressed baby. She has gotten so many clothes. Now that we are finished with showers, I am trying to figure out what I really need to welcome this baby home. For all of you moms out there, what are the items you thought you definitely needed, and now realize it was kind of an "extra," and what items should I make sure and get. Let me know if you have any opinions.
6 weeks and counting!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Family Pictures

So last weekend my mom and dad, and two Grandmothers came to stay with us for a long weekend. Before we left, we took some family photos. I'll let them speak for themselves...
Grandma Stoniecki, Dad, me
Grandmama Fisher, Me, Mom

My Parents and me
Belly Picture (which I haven't posted in a while...this is 32 weeks)
I love my family

We had such a good weekend together, and it was so weird saying goodbye to my parents at the airport knowing that the next time I would see them is because I am having a baby! Thanks for taking the time to come out to Wylie, Mom & Dad!

Greenville Oaks Baby Shower

More baby showers...yeah! We really are so honored and blessed that we have so many people who are helping us welcome our baby girl into this world. Last Sunday several of our good friends from church threw Brylee a baby shower...and boy (or should I say "girl") it was cute! They used a lot of Brylee's fabric to help decorate. I'll let most of the pictures do the talking.
Most of the hostesses (although a few were missing from this picture). I feel so loved by these ladies, and are blessed by their friendship!
My family who were able to be there. My two lovely grandmothers were able to fly into Dallas for the weekend and be with us at the shower! It is fun to have 4 generations of girls together!

My mother & Bryan's mother

Here are several pictures of the decorations! It was so cute...just my style!

Valinda made this adorable wall art, which uses Brylee's bedding fabric and stained wood letters! We are hanging it above her changing table!

We got so many cute clothes & baby goodies! Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful gifts to help welcome Brylee into this world!

I want to express all my gratitude for all the wonderful gifts! It was overwhelming & so exciting getting ready for Brylee's arrival. We can't believe she will be here in approx 7 weeks!