Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Annual Girls' Weekend

Every year since we graduated college, my 6 best friends and I have gotten together for our annual "Girls Weekend." I am proud to say we have made it a priority to make this get together happen for the last 5 years, and have traveled to each others' houses for a weekend of fun, relaxation, and laughter. This year we met at Kathrine's new house in Austin, and had a great time, to say the least. Although we have added babies to the mix, our girls weekends continue to be a good time of re-living our silly college days. We have grown up in certain ways, but when we get together, we have a way of letting loose and being silly! I love it!

We met Friday night at The Oasis for dinner, and had a great time catching up
Saturday morning we headed to the South Congress area to eat and do a little outdoor shopping...we cut our day short because it was SO HOT! With two babies and one in the oven (MY oven!), we decided to head home early and go swimming instead!

Last year we met and we took pictures of the first two pregnant bellies, Jenny and Ashley. This year, we got a picture of the three babies....Jude, Emma, and baby Brylee on the way! Hopefully we'll keep adding to the number each summer as we get together!

That night, my sweet friends suprised me with the cutest baby shower ever! It was an "Around-the-Clock" shower, in which they all gave Brylee gifts that had to do with different times of the day.

7 a.m. Getting Ready to Go & Dress to Impress
Allison gave Brylee the cutest outfit, complete with dress, sweater, shoes, & paci clip!

12 p.m. Lets Eat!
Wendi had a whole basket of meal time essentials!

3 p.m. Time to Play!
Kathrine gave Brylee several toys & books!

6 p.m. Splish-Splash Bath Time
Jenny had a bunch of bath-time goodies!

8 p.m. Night-Night Time for Bed
Brittnie got some paci's and the neatest sound machine that even plays MP3s!

12 a.m. Feeding Time
Ashley wisely gave me a basket of nursing necessities, complete with the cutest home-made burp clothes!

I was overwhelmed and very greatful! It was Brylee's first baby shower, and it got me very excited about all the preparation we get to do for this sweet baby.

We had to head home Sunday, but all planned to see each other again in October at ACU Homecoming!