Friday, December 30, 2011

Meeting the Big Guy

Technically, last year was Brylee's first Christmas, but this year was her first visit with Santa. I had been trying to find a time to go meet Santa Clause for the last several weeks, but between traveling and busy schedules, we never found time. So on Christmas Eve, we semi-reluctantly made our way to the local mall in Atlanta to capture Brylee's precious first moments meeting the Big Guy who brings her many presents.  Here was her joyous reaction...

To say she was not impressed is a huge understatement. And although I feel a little bad for making her suffer through this, I am so happy we'll have these memories to look back on when she's older.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas in Abilene

A few weeks ago we drove to Abilene to celebrate Christmas with Bryan's family. It was a quick weekend, but luckily we were there just a few weeks before for Thanksgiving. We spent Friday night hanging out with Bryan's parents, making cinnamon rolls, and wrapping last minute gifts. Saturday morning, we went to cheer on our nephew, Luke, at his gymnastic meet. He has gotten so much stronger and bigger compared to last years meet! And Brylee absolutely loved crawling all over the mats when the meet was over! Future gymnast...?
 We also did our fair share of swinging. She just loves being outside these days, especially in her swing!

Our "Christmas Eve" was spent playing at Nanny & Papa's house in our Christmas PJs, driving around looking at Christmas lights, and drinking homemade hot chocolate!

It was amazing how much better she was walking during this trip compared to our recent trip to Abilene at Thanksgiving.

"Christmas morning" we went to church with Bryan's parents. We met back at their house, along with Bryan's sisters and families, for a Christmas lunch and gifts.
Our best attempt at a cousins picture!
 Brokaw Family Christmas 2011
Brylee was patiently waiting for her Christmas gifts. I don't think she knew what she was excited for, but followed the example of excitement from the older cousins.
 The goldfish were her favorite part of her stocking. The cute boots were my favorite part of her stocking!
 Cute boots, huh!?
Her Nanny got her a Christmas dress for her to actually wear on Christmas day. Very pretty!
 She wasn't as into ripping the wrapping paper as I expected, but did a good job at helping me initiate the opening process.
 She gives her new baby a lot of hugs and kisses!
And she loves her jumbo puzzles!
 Examining all the loot she went home with.
 It would not be a Brokaw Christmas if a few Rangers gifts were not passed around. Bryan got a Rangers hoody...
 ...and we made Bryan's dad a shadow box of their Rangers World Series tickets, along with a program and picture of Bryan and his dad at the World Series game they were at together.
We had a great Brokaw Christmas! Christmas in Atlanta up next...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Brylee's 1 Year Photos

Last weekend, it was cold and rainy, which did not stop us from taking some adorable pictures of our one-year-old, Brylee! Tara Edwards Photography captured some great portraits of Brylee and some good family pictures! Loving this time of the year with our girl!