Friday, September 28, 2012

Annual Friends Weekend

Two weeks ago some of my best friends in the world headed to Dallas for our annual "Friends Weekend." We all met at ACU, had arguably the best four years of our lives, and have tried to get together at least once a year since we graduated. We all currently live in Texas, so almost everyone was able to drive up on Friday. We had a great weekend catching up, meeting new additions to the group, and letting kids play together!
Wendi & Wade have family in Arlington, so we met up with them a night early and headed to our beloved Rangers game! We have been to so many games together, and share this favorite past-time with them.
All day Friday we hung out at our house, catching up and letting the kids play together!
Dancing girls!
"Aunt" Britt story time
Story time migrated to under the table in their "house"
We all got to meet Allison & Randy's handsome new boy, Barrett!
"Uncle" Brandon's technology lesson
We all enjoyed a cadual dinner Friday night

Saturday morning the girls got out of the house for a couple of ours to have brunch together.
And they surprised me with a little "showering" for baby girl!

While the mamas were away, the daddy's got to play!

Then we traded duties and the girls hung out at home during nap time & dinner time while the boys enjoyed cheering on ACU football at the Cowboys Stadium.

We spent our evenings loving on babies and playing outside...

...and cleaned up during bath time!

Here is what our group looks like this year: 2012
Emma (3) Brylee (almost 2) Jake (1+) London (1+) Clara (4 months)
(Baby Barrett was hungry during this picture, so he got included in the Mamas' picture)

Best Friends
Wendi, Allison, Kathrine, Brittnie, Ashley, Jamie (we missed you Jenny!)

Most of the group headed back home Sunday morning. The Holmes and Brokaws hung out for a little while...

.... and met for brunch at Allison's house before Kathrine & the Holmes headed back home.
These ladies (and guys, for that matter) have such a special place in my heart. They are all very important in the story of my family. We have all seen each other get married, buy houses, and now we are all mothers. We have a very special relationship, and plan continue these yearly gatherings until we are all gathering in Heaven one day! I love you, Girls!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wylie Rodeo

Every year Bryan volunteers to help out with parking for the Wylie Rodeo. Because of that, Brylee and I got free tickets and enjoyed a Saturday evening playing in the dirt and smelling cows!
We parked at the high school and they had school buses shuttle us to/from the rodeo fair grounds. Brylee loves the "Wheels on the Bus" song and loves school buses, so it was a real treat for us to get to ride on a school bus. She was pretty squinty because of the sun, but I promise, she was really excited to be riding on a school bus!
 We enjoyed watching horses...
 ...getting balloon animals made...
 ...jumping on a bounce house...
 ....climbing the fence...
 ...watching the cows...
 ...and meeting up with Daddy at the end of the night!