Friday, April 27, 2012

The Dallas Zoo

Nanny & Papa have been trying to take this girl to the zoo for several weeks now, and it finally happened today. We got there early, right when the zoo opened (which was a must!), and beat most of the crowds and a lot of school groups (apparently today was "bring your class to the zoo" day...ugh...who knew).

The penguins were a big hit!

This baboon was the most colorful I had ever seen!

As you can see by all the pictures with Brylee's fingers in her mouth, she's still teething pretty bad right now. Luckily, she was still a good sport and was distracted by all the animals!

Papa showed Brylee all the Safari animals, including elephants, zebras, giraffes, and gazelles.

Her favorite animal was probably this cheetah! It was so chill, laying right next to the glass.

The water fall was also a huge hit!

And the most fun of all...the slide!

Thanks, Nanny & Papa, for such a fun day! We left the zoo at noon, and Brylee crashed as soon as we got in the car to meet Bryan for lunch. After a quick lunch, we said bye to Nanny & Papa, who hit the road to go watch their oldest grandson's baseball game (what great grandparents they are!). Looking forward to all the fun times this summer has to offer!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Weekend

Good Friday started off very good in our household! The Texas Rangers Opening Day of baseball was Friday afternoon, which is almost considered better than Christmas morning.
 Bryan met his dad, bro-in-law, and nephew for the Ranger's game while Brylee and I waited for the rest of the family to get to our house.
 When Brylee woke up from her nap Friday afternoon, she had a fever of 101, and was kind of pitiful for a while. We kind of had a roller coaster of a weekend for Brylee's body temperature. It reached 103 each night, and would return to normal after an hour or so of Advil. Other than having a fever, she didn't act sick, but acted like her teeth were bothering her like crazy. So we did our best at accommodating her moments of not feeling well.
 We grilled out Friday night with Bryan's parents and sister's family, and Brylee perked up for a little bit to play outside.
 But she was still not feeling great, because she let David Todd cuddle with her!
We had big plans of going to the zoo Saturday morning, but we all stayed up way too late Friday night, and I wasn't so sure Brylee was going to feel all that great. So instead, we went for a walk...
 ...and took pictures in the bluebonnets.

 Saturday afternoon we colored Easter eggs. 
 Our ten year old niece & nephew, Jillian & Luke
 I learned quickly it was not a smart idea to let Brylee play in the dyed water... she colored a 'clear' egg, which was beautiful!
 Nanny & Papa's Grandkids
 Saturday night Bryan's sister's family headed home, so we relaxed and read some books.
 Brylee and I were up for about 2 hours Saturday night with a fever of 103, but when she woke up Sunday morning she was cool as a cucumber and was in a great mood. So we headed to church to celebrate the "Third Day," and came home for lunch and Easter fun.

I could tell Brylee was not feeling her greatest, and it was hit or miss regarding her attitude.
 She initially was very intrigued by her Easter basket from Nanny...
 ....then things started to go downhill for no apparent reason...
 ...and ended in disaster!
 We took a quick break and regrouped, and she opened her Easter basket from the Easter Bunny(aka Me). Then she did enjoy searching for Easter eggs, hidden every so carefully in plain site on the patio cement!
 Now here's the happy girl we know!
 Bryan hid some extra hard eggs for our nephew, Luke, to find.
 Most of the eggs were empty, but Nanny included a few marshmellow goodies in some of the eggs!
 Who knows...maybe it was the sugar that put her back in a good mood!

 Nanny, Papa, and Luke headed back to Abilene after lunch, just before the rain started. When Brylee woke up from her nap, we enjoyed some more fun with her Easter goodies, and had a relaxing afternoon as a family.
Happy Easter!