Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Three Months

Three months ago I met the prettiest girl in the world. And boy, time flies!

We couldn't be happier with our little angel. She is growing up too fast! Part of me is slightly sad that I am losing my newborn baby. But the more she grows, the more fun she gets. She is so curious about everything around her, and loves to be held up high to take in all the world.

My transition back to work and Brylee to "daycare" has been great. Although I wish I could stay home with Brylee AND still have enough time to work, I am so thankful for the childcare scenario we have. She is going to our friend's house just down the road from us who stays home with her 3 year old daughter. So Brylee gets great attention and some "big sister" lovin'. On Tuesdays & Thursdays she even gets to go up to our church preschool and play with two other baby girls in the nursery. We are very blessed by these people.

Every night we spend about an hour of "family time" on our bed. We started this about a month ago when we realized Brylee LOVED being naked during the time we changed her from day clothes to pajamas. So a little before her bedtime, we all go hang out on our bed, Brylee naked, and giggle & make faces at each other.
Here's some fun facts:
  • She weighs about 13 lbs according to me holding her on our adult scale
  • She fits into her 3 months clothes perfectly, and we've started trying some of our 3-6 month clothes as well
  • She eats about 3-4 oz a feeding, about every 3 hours, and is doing better with the bottle during daycare time than when we initially started practicing with the bottle
  • She goes to bed about 8:30 pm - I feed her right before I go to bed about 10-11pm without her really waking up - then she usually still wakes up once between 3-5 am for a quick feeding (the good thing is I'm back in bed within 30 min) - and sleeps until 7 am
  • We have had about 4 nights where she has slept all the way from 10pm until 7am! We're hoping this gets more consistent
  • I'm still nursing, and thankfully I have a really good eater (although she has gone through phases of not wanting to eat)
  • She really has some lungs! When she's upset, she has a pretty good scream and lets us know she is NOT happy!
  • She has found her hands and LOVES sticking them in her mouth
  • She enjoys tummy time more and more (although only for short periods of time) and can roll from tummy to back if she gets mad enough
  • She still sleeps in our room at night (mostly to make it easier on me to feed her), but takes naps during the day in her crib in her room
  • She still has to be swaddled to sleep, and hopefully will grow out of that soon
  • She likes sitting in her Bumbo seat already because it's easy for her to look around

Three Months - February 23, 2011

We look forward to watching her grow more and more...but don't do this too quickly, Baby girl!


Today Tara took this great picture of Brylee reading...what a smart girl I have! Three months old today! Happy "One-month-older" Birthday, baby girl!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daily Happenings

Here are some recent iphone pics...enjoy!

Enjoying sitting up and looking around so much these days

Brylee has become fond of Paisley...I'm not sure the feeling's mutual

First walk sitting in her stroller like a big girl

Bryan got her a Valentines day card. She loved it!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Brylee Rolls...


Brylee usually does not enjoy tummy time, so we haven't had a lot of practice pushing with our legs & arms. But tonight, 2/21/11, Brylee rolled over from front to back for the first time. We captured her second roll on video. Good job, sweet girl!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Daily Happenings

So I was called out by my brother that I am not posting enough pictures of growing Brylee. I haven't gotten into a good habit about posting random pictures throughout our days. So I've decided to start posting random pictures under the blog post "Daily Happenings." This will be a place for "non-event" picture posts, mostly for my out of town family. Nothing fancy about these posts, so don't expect it. In no specific order, either.

Every night when we get Brylee's pajama's on, she has her happiest time of the day. She LOVES being naked. She smiles, laughs, & kicks her legs and waves her arms. Its such a fun time of our night.

She's also discovered her hands

She loves her play mat

First time in her Bumbo. She's still not sure about it (and I think she might still be a tad young!)

Also...the quality of these pictures may not be the best, as most of them are taken on my phone. Just fyi. Hope you enjoy Daily Happenings