Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weekend at the Lake

Last weekend our church small group spent time together in fun and fellowship at one of our group members' lake house. We have such a great time here, and really love spending time with our small group!

Brylee and Josiah enjoyed lounging together on the hammock.  Twelve years from now this picture may not be so cute!

But for now, they are just adorable together!

We enjoyed a lot of lounging around outside...

...both day and night.

Saturday we suited up and headed to the water. It's so nice that the water begins right where their yard ends.  You can walk right into the lake. And since the water is a few feet low, Brylee had a nice ankle-deep area to play in!

Her favorite thing to do was collect rocks and dirt and hand them to us!

Baby Jayde also enjoyed her first lake experience! What a cuttie!

The Bruces have such a great lake set-up. They have a water trampoline, a big ring float, and a place to park the jet skies during the day that makes them easy to get to,which is all just right off their dock!They are so generous to share their blessings with us!

Although Brylee still wasn't a fan of the life-jacket, she did enjoy the boat ride and loved waving to the other boats and jet-skies that went by.

Baby Jayde brought her own baby pool...

...but Brylee and Maddie kind of took over!

Sweet children...Maddie 4, Josiah 2.5, Brylee 1.5

Brylee absolutely loves this hammock swing, which meant we spent a lot of time pushing her!

We had such a great weekend and love our church family!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kaboom Town

Some great friends invited us to their family's airplane hanger in Addison for the annual Kaboom Town air show and fireworks. We enjoyed fun and fellowship with some of our good church friends. After watching plane acrobatics and old war planes, we enjoyed a great firework show. The only bad part of the night was fighting thousands of other cars in traffic on our way home. We had a great time celebrating Independence Day!
 Pointing at the airplanes with daddy

 We had an up close look at all the neat planes
 Jami & Mason and Shara & Andi

 The Gang
 Brylee loved standing on this scooter and having us push her around. Too cute!
 She couldn't quite figure out how to push herself yet
 Brylee, Andi, and Mason

We were all enjoying the firework show too much to get any great pictures. Brylee was not scared and seemed to enjoy all the bright lights! We had a great time! Thanks, again, Manley's!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weekend in Sugar Land

Last weekend Bryan, Brylee, and I headed south to Sugar Land to spend time with some of our absolute best friends we met in college! These friends, in some ways, are closer than siblings. We love them so much. And even though we don't live in the same city, we're able to see them often enough, and we're always honest enough, that they will always be our best friends. Visits to Sugar Land have changed over the years, and now that we all have kids, our weekend activities have sure changed.

Friday morning Wendi and I took Jake and Brylee to the mall to meet Brittnie and new baby Clara!

It's amazing how 2 hours at the mall can fly by with 3 kids. Between lunch, diaper changes, bottles, and a little toddler-chasing, we managed to make it into 1 store! Ha! But we had a great time walking around and just talking.

Friday night after Brylee's nap, Bryan, Brylee, and I headed to Brittnie and Brandon's house to spend more quality time with them, and of course, new baby Clara! She is so sweet and perfect, and I was really able to get my baby fix with all the cuddles that night!

Even Brylee was able to hold and love on baby Clara!

Sweet kisses!

Saturday morning was a little casual. These two kiddos "shared" this car the best they knew how!

We ate breakfast at a great hole-in-the-wall place called Bob's Tacos, and made some great funny memories that morning!

We headed to the park for some fun before it started  raining!

The adults played games while the kiddos napped, and we enjoyed a casual evening of talking, playing, and watching our Texas Rangers on TV!

Nothing cuter than naked babies in the bath together!

Sunday morning after church we all headed back over to the Blackburn's house for lunch before we headed back home.

Brylee-19 months   Jake-12 months   Clara-2 months

"Who thinks these two girls are pretty?"...."I do"

We love these friends so much and cant wait to see them again in a few months!