Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Look at Me

On Monday Bryan and I had our third ultrasound to check the growth of our sweet angel.
31 weeks and 1 day
Measuring at 4lb 4oz, in the 74%
Estimated weight when born: 8lb 8oz
We were scheduled for a regular sonogram, and absolutely LOVE our sonographer at the doctor's office. She switched the monitor over to 4D for a few minutes, and we got to see these sweet features on our baby girl!
Top Picture: She's facing the camera and you can see her sweet closed eyes, nose, and open-mouth lips.
Bottom Picture: Her profile where you can see her ear, arm with hand covering her mouth.
We had a good doctor's appointment and I feel really good about our "birth plan." They have us scheduled for a planned C-section on Jan 2, 2013, which is 4 days prior to my 40 week due date.
Brylee had to be induced 3 days after my due date, so neither the doctor's or I am expecting to go into labor early. However, if we do go into labor early, I'm still anticipating a C-section based on the safety for me and the baby, unless God is making it very clear that surgery seems unnecessary (example: I get to the hospital two weeks early, my water already broke, and I'm dilated to 8+ cm). In that case, the doctors and Bryan agree that we could try to deliver without the need for surgery and it would be safe for me and Lynlie.
Either way, we were thankful and overjoyed that we got to see our beautiful, healthy baby girl (who is still a girl :).  And although going into labor at 32 weeks would not be ideal, I feel better knowing that our 4lb 4oz baby is big and healthy and would have a great chance of surviving out of the womb at this point. Praise God for healthy babies!

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