Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween Fun

Last year was technically Brylee's first Halloween, and boy was she a cute owl! But this year was the first Halloween in which we participated in the Halloween festivities, and she was the cutest little cow on the block!
Thursday night before Halloween, downtown Wylie hosted "Boo on Ballard," which is a fun event for businesses in downtown Wylie to host booths and hand out candy to cute tick-or-treaters. Bryan always passes out candy in front of his office, so we hung out with Daddy & did a little trick-or-treating of our own.
I wore this "Pumpkin Smuggler" shirt when I was pregnant with Brylee, and it appropriately fit well now that I'm pregnant again.

On Sunday evening, our church hosted "Trunk or Treat," filled with little games, candy, popcorn, and a hayride. Bryan & I dressed to coordinate as our cute little cow's farmers.

By Halloween evening, Brylee was getting the idea that when she dressed up in her cow costume, she got candy, so she willingly obliged. She couldn't even get off our front step without opening her first piece of candy. We only went up & down our street, and stopped at maybe 8-10 houses. Brylee had fun ringing the doorbell, but did not understand why we weren't going inside the houses. She also was ready to hand over the piece of candy she was currently eating to open the piece she just received. By the time we got home, we had a basket full of twice-licked lollypops!

We didn't want to mess up our evening routine, so we got home early enough to get ready for bed & play. I think Brylee enjoyed helping hand out candy more than she did walking up & down the street! And we were the party poopers who turned off the front porch light at 8:30 sharp as soon as Brylee was in bed! Sorry to the kids who were too old to be out trick-or-treating anyways!
Happy Halloween from our sweet little Moo-Cow!

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